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National government agencies:national purchasing organizations (thousands of pieces of equipment)
Military industry:the 552nd Department of Army 05, the 553rd Department of Army 05, Nanjing Military Region, Chengdu Military Region, People's Armed Police, frontier forces, etc.
Nuclear power industry:CNPEC, CNPE, Shenzhen Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, etc.
Railway system:Beijing Railway Bureau, Jinan Railway Bureau, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, Xi’an Railway Bureau, Chengdu Railway Bureau, Kunming Railway Bureau, Shenyang Railway Bureau, Harbin Railway Bureau, etc.
Industrial and mining system:Baosteel Mining Industry, Jinan Iron and Steel Mining Industry, BYD Group, Dongfeng Motor Group, Chongqing Jialing Group, Longkou Mining Industry, Zhengzhou Coal Group, Sichuan Coal Group, Yanzhou Mining Group, Feicheng Mining Group, Huaibei Mining Bureau, etc.