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Shandong Little Duck Group Washing Machinery Co., Ltd., as one of well-known washing equipment manufactures in China, is headquartered in Jinan City, has a production base in Jinan City and Penglai City of Shandong Province respectively, and is a state-owned enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, trading and service, with “Little Duck” trademark recognized as a well-known trademark by SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce). Our company has firstly passed the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001 and EU CE in the industry of washing machinery in China, been a large professional manufacturer of complete washing machinery in China, a domestic leading brand in the washing industry, a council unit of China Washing Association as well as a main drafting unit of national standards of washing equipment, won the title of “National Top-ten Enterprise of Product Quality Satisfaction and After-sales Service Satisfaction for Users”, and won the honorary title of “China Top-ten Enterprise in the Industry of Washing Machinery” for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016.
Since 1973, our company has started to produce special washing machinery, and been formerly known as the unique designated manufacturer who produces professional washing equipment in the original Light Industry Department and develops commercial washing equipment at the earliest in China. Our company mainly produces “Little Duck” series washing machinery equipment: full-automatic washing-dewatering machines with the leading level in the present same industry, alkane solvent series dry cleaning machines (MT200C-MT600C) produced by Sino-German joint venture with the world leading level, folding machines with the most folding layers and the highest folding accuracy in the present China, as well as ironing machines, drying machines, dry washing auxiliary equipment and other products which fall into ten series, are divided into more than one hundred specifications and models, and are the preferred equipment in the industries of hospitals, army, nuclear power, hotels, textiles, civil administration, clothing and washing.
In the philosophy of “Learning, Pursuit, Transcendence”, Little Duck people have taken the lead in raising “Over-value Service Engineering” in the same industry of China, and set up the brand image of Little Duck. Our company has set up directly subordinate offices in all large and medium-sized cities of China, with the sales and service networks spreading all over China. In the style of “Realistic & Pragmatic”, we are willing to serve you with first-class products, first-class service and constant commitment, to create a better future together with you!



Technical Capacity

Our company has the unique research institute for washing machinery members in China, as well as an R&D team with 20 people in which 5 ones have the title of a senior professional post and 7 ones have master's degree, supplying powerful technical assurance to the production of domestic front-line washing equipment. We have a professional constructor team in which all the personnel have abundant experience, providing professional technical support for this engineering.
We rely on our own research institute in application technologies: in recent years, our products have won S&T progress awards of provincial and ministerial levels or above for 9 times in which 3 times for national level and 14 times for prefectural level. Since 1998, we have started to lay emphasis on patents, and have now won 18 washing machinery patents with 4 products winning the title of “National Key New Products”. Manufacturing totally-closed petroleum dry cleaning machines with the world leading level, we have repeatedly employed foreign experts to give lectures in our factory, and assigned someone to do market exploration and participate in exhibitions abroad, to constantly absorb foreign technologies. The quality requirements and technical standards of our products accord with QB/T2322-2004~QB/T2330-2004.
Our company has the most advanced and complete production equipment in the industry, which ensures the consistency, stability and reliability of product quality, as well as a well-trained staff team which ensures sustainable stable development of the enterprise.