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  • Name: Tetrachloroethylene Dry Cleaning Machine
  • Number: 010
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Full closed system, equipped with a deodorizing device, to minimize the loss of dry cleaning oil, reduce air pollution and its impact on human health; the design of efficient cooling recovery, shorten the washing cycle, it can not only improve work efficiency, but also prolong the life of fabric; such structure design, greatly saves resources.
This machine adopts double filtration system ecological filter and activated carbon filter; the liquid crystal computer control system, fault self diagnosis and automatic monitoring function, can accurately control the washing, dewatering, drying, cooling recovery process, simple operation; automatic and manual switch can be arbitrary, arbitrary write multiple sets of automatic washing procedures; the frequency of the advanced control system, stable operation, low energy consumption, low noise, can be applied to wool and fur fabric washing.
Product specifications and appearance are constantly improving and are subject to change without notice.